Gender Male
Affiliations Neutral
Weapons Spear
Appearances in works
Other names
Tarzan is a vigilante in the jungles near Africa.


As a baby, Tarzan's parents were killed by a spotted leopard. He was adopted by a mother gorilla and her mate, and Tarzan was raised as a gorilla. He lived a relatively simple life until a scientist from London and his daughter Jane paid the small island a visit. Soon the ape man and the civilized English woman develop feelings for each other. Not long after their arrival, their jungle guide, the villainous Clayton, kills Jane and her father, in order to take advantage of the island's resources. Tarzan discovers this, and tries to fight Clayton. Clayton injures Tarzan, giving him a permanently stooped back, but Tarzan vows to enact his vengeance against Clayton for killing his love.

Once while scouting in the trees, Tarzan sees Sabor, the leopard who killed his human parents. Taking an opportunity to seek vengeance, he fights the leopard and takes its bloody pelt as a trophy. He then went on to wear it as a loin cloth.

During Aladdin's odyssey, he and Abu landed on Tarzan's island, where he immediately encountered the brute. Due to a lack of communication skills, Tarzan locked Aladdin in a bamboo cage, but soon Aladdin taught him to speak English. Realizing that Aladdin is, in fact, on his side, Tarzan frees him, under the condition that the two will attack Clayton's camp at nightfall. Their raid is a success, but Aladdin leaves Tarzan's island, in order to find his way home to Agrabah.


This version of Tarzan was created by Disney dork777.