Rapunzel profile
Princess of Corona
Gender Female
Status Alive
Rank Field Medic
Alignment The Resistance
Weapons Frying Pan, Magic Hair
Home Corona (formerly)
Appearances in works
Other names Punzie (team nickname)
Rapunzel is the princess of Corona, a member of The Resistance, and the field medic for the group.


Despite being locked up in a tower, Flynn Rider saved Rapunzel's life, by sacrificing himself to destroy Gothel. Distraught, Rapunzel wandered the forest along for days before coming across Legion scout Anna, who advised Punzie to run and find the resistance. She found their base camp and decided to join as their medic, where she uses her Magic Healing Hair to heal wounded resistance members. She has discovered in recent months that her hair can also drain the life force of someone, which makes her a valuable ally on the battlefield. However, Rapunzel also has ulterior motives, such as examining ways to bring the deceased back to life, so she can be reunited with Flynn Rider. She has also struck up an unlikely friendship with The Beast.


Rapunzel tries to maintain a cheerful demeanor, but more often than not, she has no patience for people, and shows that she may not be totally sane. With minor outbursts of sorrow, regarding her loss, she is still caring to all in her team.


  • This version of Rapunzel was created by Dlrgirl75.
  • May have been a member of Clan Corona, if it existed in the dark timeline.