Prince John
The Phony King of England
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliations The Legion
Weapons Dark magic
Home England (formerly)
Appearances in works
Other names
Prince John is a memember of The Legion.


Born in the 13th century, Prince John have always been the shadow of his older brother, Richard. When Richard became king he ruled with peace and love to everyone in his kingdom, John thought all his life that Richard was an idiot, because he was a fair king. But then The Legion asked John to join them, so he accepted. He learned dark magic, and he murdered his brother. After that he ruled with evil communism. He trusts everyone in The Legion, except Hans.


John have always been jealous of his older brother, because everyone hated him, and they loved Richard. All his life he has been grumpy, the years passed and John became terribly evil. John is also very dumb and a coward.


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