Gender Male
Status Alive
Rank Weapons expert
Affiliations The Resistance
Weapons EMP shotgun, thinner grenades, paint pistols, turpentine-laced bullets
Home Wasteland (formerly)
Appearances in works
Other names Os, Lucky Rabbit

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, or simply Oswald, was the former king of Wasteland until it was taken over by the Shadow Blot.


Oswald didn't start out as a ruler; he was once a famous star loved by many, until he lost that fame when his father was forced to give him away, sending him into the Wasteland. Over time, he found happiness with his family ruling the Wasteland. But the happiness was cut short when the Great Thinner Disaster began, and thinner washed over the land along with the Shadow Blot. To stop it, Oswald's girlfriend Ortensia sacrificed herself to lure the Shadow Blot and kill it once and for all but instead the Shadow Blot sucked her dry and continued ravaging the Wasteland, with future efforts to stop it having no avail. As the Blot Wars came to an end, the Wasteland was now a true wasteland, with many toons struggling to survive. Oswald led the splintered groups of rebels through thick and thin, having to become increasingly militaristic to fight off the Blotlings. Things took a turn for the worst when a mysterious inky being arrived to the Wasteland one day and became one with the Shadow Blot, creating the Ink Blot who was far more dangerous than the Shadow Blot ever was. Oswald lost his eye in the ensuing fight against it while the Blot proved to be overwhelming for the rebels. Soon, the Legion allied themselves with the Blot, but with the Legion came members of the Resistance attempting to evacuate the remaining toons of the Wasteland. Oswald helped orchestrate the evacuation, and was recruited by the Resistance after the fall of Wasteland.


Like his main counterpart, Oswald is cynical, rough, and bitter, however the permanent loss of Ortensia and the downfall of Wasteland has amplified these traits. Oswald became increasingly hardened by the blight of Wasteland and was forced to adapt to the apocalyptic world rather hastily. This treatment has made him often distrustful towards others for preference of working alone, making him somewhat indifferent towards friend and foe. Oswald no longer cares about being famous again but now focuses upon vengeance against the Blot and other abominations, his jealousy towards Mickey now being but a lingering thought from time to time. Oswald is still fixated on the safety of others, although only on as many he can save, as he firmly understands the casualties of war in that there will always be wins and losses. Resourceful and quick, Oswald is willing to get the job done even if there are risks. Despite this, he is still a devoted father to his many children and misses Ortensia, who may be the last thing Oswald will ever express emotion towards.