Former Princess of Agrabah
Gender Female
Status Alive
Rank Weapons Expert
Affiliations Resistance
Weapons Arabian Sword, Whip
Home Agrabah (formerly)
Appearances in works
Other names Flower of the Desert
Jasmine is a founding member The Resistance, and former princess of Agrabah.


When Jafar seized control of Agrabah, Jasmine managed to escape alongside her ally Aladdin, but the two became separated in a sandstorm, and couldn't find each other in the following confusion. After many years wandering, she found people from other worlds that were under threat from villains. Together they formed a resistance against the villains, and vowed to help save all the people in threat. She also re-found Aladdin, who also joined the team. She was a key figure in helping to persuade Elsa to join them. She is currently the weapon/sword expert of the resistance, and sometimes uses her pet tiger Rajah to help in battles when the circumstances become dire. She is extremly loyal to the Resistance, and does everything possible to help them in the latest battles, or  missions. 


Jasmine, while still a free spirit, has become more mature and street wise, due to her being exiled from her home, for a long time with only her pet tiger as a friend. She works well with the team, and often teams up with Aladdin whenever she can.