The Fire King
Gender Male
Status Alive
Rank General
Affiliations The Legion
Weapons Sword, Fire
Home The Southern Isles (formerly)
Appearances in works
Other names
Hans is the husband of Anna, the King of The Southern Isles, and a general of The Legion.


Born the 13th in line for the throne in The Southern Isles, Hans was a tortured and hated boy for being different from his brothers. The thing that made him different was his powers over fire. After years of abuse, Hans slaughtered his family and claimed himself King of The Southern Isles, using fear to win the kingdom's respect and loyalty. The Legion came across Hans and asked him to join their ranks, and he accepted when promised that he'll take control of more than just a puny kingdom. When Princess Anna joined later on, Hans sensed some darkness deep within her, and so he became a close ally of hers, offering protection and loyalty, even though he didn't mean it. When Anna gained control of fire, Hans helped her control her powers in order to make them more destructive and evil. He later married Anna with the intent of creating heirs that would inherit the throne. He secretly plans on killing off the leaders of The Legion so he can claim control over it.


With a heart as cold as ice to counter his fire powers, Hans is a bitter and sinister man with little emotion. He's cocky and arrogant, but he's intelligent to a large and scary degree. He's also bloodthirsty and murderous and enjoys slaughtering people, innocent or not. However, he does show some sympathy for Elsa, seeing as how the two were chastised and hated for their powers.