Dark Mulan
The Warrior with Arrows
Gender Female
Status Alive
Rank The Resistance Spy
Affiliations The Resistance
Weapons "Black" (Bow)
Home China (formerly)
Appearances in works
Other names "Ping"
Mulan is a high-ranking member of The Resistance and former hero of China. She is skilled in archery and other types of combat.

Personality Edit

Mulan is a kind but emotionally weak person. She is suffering from nightmares from the night the The Legion broke into the house they were in killing everyone including Ling, Yeo, and Chien Po. She still has a soft spot for the Resistance, because they care for her, unlike the other people she met.


After the events in the movie, Mulan married Shang. On their honeymoon, Shang was murdered by The Legion. Mulan vowed to avenge Shang's death by destroying the Legion. Mulan then wandered around trying to find the killers. Mulan met other people, but never would stay around them. About a month later,Mulan saw Stitch hunting. She followed him to The Resistance campsite and found the clan. Elsa invited her to join the clan after seeing her skill with a bow she had found, while trying to find Shang's killers. She then was offered to be a spy for the group and fight with them. Mulan agreed, seeing this as an opportunity to find the murders and destroy the murderers.

The Resistance Edit

Mulan is a spy for the Resistance. She is on good terms with everyone, but has trouble understanding Aurora, due to sleep. She has fought the Legion before.