Dark Elsa
The Snow Queen
Gender Female
Status Alive
Rank Offensive operations officer
Affiliations The Resistance
Weapons Khione (sword)
Home Arendelle (formerly)
Appearances in works
Other names Monster
Elsa is a high-ranking member of The Resistance and former ruler of Arendelle.


In this world, Elsa's curse over the kingdom was never removed nor was Elsa ever taken back to Arendelle, leaving the citizens to die from the eternal winter. Feeling guilt, Elsa retreated to her palace, trying to keep herself away from the world and caused her palace to become corrupt, forcing away Anna as the last time she would see her sister. She briefly met a young man from another realm shortly afterward, who encouraged her not to give up hope before he departed. Although heartened, Elsa's despair was too strong, and she chose her isolation out of fear that she could fail. This changed, however, when Hans and the remnants of Arendelle's military arrived and tried to kill Elsa, seeing her as nothing more as the infamous Snow Queen now. Elsa's fear took over, causing her to freeze them all out of defense and turning them into statues in her palace as a reminder of what she has done. As time went by, her fear turned into doubt, doubt into anger, and anger into indifference as she began to embrace her role as ruler of the snow. But all was not lost; when conquerors from other worlds began invading the land, Elsa found herself overwhelmed by their numbers until she was saved by a group of warriors who had survived attacks from the legion of conquerors. As a chance to make up or her crimes, one of them offered her to join the group so that she could use her powers to save millions to pay for the hundreds lost. Despite her darker attitude, Elsa realized deep within her that this was a chance for redemption, and so she accepted.


Tragedy, loss, and strife in her life has caused Elsa to become as cold as the winter she commands while she has come to accept her powers as apart of her. As a result, she is serious, calculating, and sardonic with a dry sense of humor, and prefers to keep her distance. However, Elsa still possesses a sensitive heart that she tries to keep hidden, and does still care about others including her sister Anna. Fighting to protect others, she is slowly returning to her kinder self and opening herself more with her comrades, although still jaded.


  • This version of Elsa, was created by SilverFlight.
  • Her ice sword is named after Chione, the Greek goddess of snow.