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In this fan-created universe, Disney characters have met a tragic fate than their original counterparts. Those who survived learned how to travel across worlds, forming an alliance against the legion of villains dominating across the Disney universe. Users create profiles for these characters to write or roleplay about their adventures in this apocalyptic timeline.


Character Rules

Users can make as many characters as they want, as long as they haven't been created already, and can only pertain to Disney animated canon, live action (i.e. tron), or stop-motion (please no acquired characters!). They must also feature an adequate backstory, in the same vein as the others.

Roleplay Rules

Roleplay can be on a page or chat. Roleplay is written in script form, for more information on format, contact an admin. During Roleplay, there can be no cussing, or graphic scenes, such as death. Despite this, Minor Gore is allowed at a minimum.

Fanfiction Rules

Fanfiction can only be on a page. Similar rules to roleplay apply, but fanfiction can be in any format you wish. As always, strong violence, cuss words, and Major Gore are not allowed.

If you have any questions, inquire with an admin.


SilverFlight (Founder)

Dlrgirl75 (Founding Admin)

Disney dork777 (Admin)

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