Chrona journal
An ongoing fanfic chronicling Chrona, before her transformation into The Dark Blot.


The music of Swan lake drifted through the room, the source of the music was unknown, as all the television screen showed was a wall. Then as though stuck by a bolt of lightening, a woman sat opposite the camera, she wore goggles and a red apron. The girl was Chrona, before her ultimate fate transpired.

Day OneEdit

Chrona: The time is 7am, location: my house in Inkspire. I've..... been having dreams, terrible dreams of something horrible. The worst part is I have no idea what it means, but I know one thing. they are not natural, something is going to happen, and I have to find a way to stop it, or else the worlds might be in danger.

Day TwoEdit

The dreams have amplified, I didn't think they could get any worse..... but they did. The Inkings are beginning to notice that I'm acting different. If in the event this gets any worse, i'll take precautions, and send these tapes to the person I trust the most.

Day ThreeEdit

I've taken precautions if I do anything drastic. I don't have the dreams but I'm getting visions of things in real time, I know they aren't real but I fear this will be permanent. I need to leave Inkspire, before something horrible happens.

Day FourEdit

I'm alone..... I've told the inklings to leave inkspire, at least for a few months...... I hope they never come back, insignificant little-NO.... I didn't mean that.

.....I just want to be left alone...... I'm seeing thing every second of every day... horrible things.... I just don't know what to do.