The Ink Blot
The World Corrupter
Gender Female
Status Alive
Rank Intel Operative
Alignment The Legion
Weapons Ink/Imagination-conjuring weapons
Home Inkspire (formerly)
Appearances in works
Other names The Inkfreak
The Ink Blot, formerly known as Chrona, was the leader of the Inklings, and currently a member of The Legion.


When Chrona was young, her father invented a machine that would utilize imagination itself. However, when the machine was being tested, he created Sez by mistake. Chrona was caught in the experiment, causing her to absorb Sez, turning him into nothing more but a thought in her mind. As Chrona grew older, she became leader of the Inklings while Sez's influence grew stronger. When Chrona finally thought of Sez, her imagination enabled Sez existence separate from Chrona and tried to assert dominance over the Inklings.

Chrona invented a machine to try and defeat Sez, but instead this caused the two to merge together into one being of ink. Due to the fusion, Chrona could not think coherently and coated her home in dark ink out of instinct, destroying it as she escaped into her zeppelin. Eventually, she entered the Wasteland and got caught in a paint storm. Discovered by the Shadow Blot, the Wasteland's ruler, the entity found Chrona intriguing because of her unique paint composition that had originated from imagination, something that differed from the Blot's own paint-thinner powers. Seeing potential benefit, he allowed the Sez-controlled Chrona to fuse with him into a darker, more powerful entity over the Wasteland, with a side effect of introducing three personalities attempting to gain control. This creature, now known as the Ink Blot, was found by agents of the Legion operating in the Wasteland, and "adopted" it by appealing to the entity's chaotic, corruptive nature with the promise of spreading its influence over countless worlds.


In the default mindset, Chrona, or more precisely the Ink Blot, appears to be devoid of all feelings, except joy at her own gain and finding amusement in some things. She is utterly ruthless and can be deadly to an opponent, due to her enhanced imagination-based ink skills.

However, in the inner depths of her being, three personalities struggle to achieve dominance: the sociopathic Sez, the aggressive Shadow Blot, and the real Chrona. Both Sez and the Shadow Blot are the true malcontent of the Dark Blot while Chrona unsuccessfully tries to suppress them at once, but the Ink Blot's mind is too clouded for Chrona to operate in. Meanwhile, despite having similar motivations, Sez and the Shadow Blot are at constant odds with each other due to each having different viewpoints on evil. Combining this stress with Chrona's resilience results in the Ink Blot's versatility and unpredictable malevolent behavior, where she can only compensate by exercising her inky form onto others and twisting them, in other words she finds relaxation by "creating" things.


  • This version of Chrona was created by Dlrgirl75.
  • The Ink Blot is the dark timeline's version of Chrona, Sez, and the Shadow Blot.