Dark Beast
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alignment The Resistance
Weapons Claws
Home France (formerly)
Appearances in works
Other names
The Beast is a member of the Resistance, a cursed prince searching to heal his broken heart.


When the villagers stormed into the castle, many of the servants were destroyed in the battle, and others barely made it out alive. The Beast was stricken with grief, but that didn't stop Gaston from trying to kill the heartbroken monster. During the battle on the roof, Gaston attempted to stab Beast, but Belle got in the way and took the hit instead, shocking both Gaston and Beast. Gaston, unable to withstand Belle's act of defense conflicting with his superficial beliefs, committed suicide by falling off the roof, taking Belle with him. Beast witnessed his love fall before his eyes as the last petal fell. In agony of losing both Belle and his chance to be human again, the Beast's humanity was destroyed that night and went berserk, slaughtering the attacking villagers while others fled in horror. The Beast prowled the castle as nothing more than a feral creature from then on, where even his servants were terrified of him. One day, visitors from other worlds known as The Resistance entered the castle upon hearing rumors of the beast that dwelled within it. Stirred by their arrival, the Beast confronted them cautiously growling that they leave. However, the Resistance revealed to him that Belle was alive, and that they could help find her if he joins, and asked if he would be willing to make his castle a base of operations. Beast's servants pleaded for this as well, motivated by the scars left of their fallen comrades. Although hesitant, the Beast decided to join to find Belle again. To this day, Beast does whatever he can to continue his personal quest while struggling over his animalistic nature.