Anna Fire Queen
The Fire Princess
Gender Female
Status Alive
Rank Squad Leader
Alignment Legion
Weapons Magma Sword
Home Arendelle (formerlly)
Appearances in works
Other names
Anna is the former princess of Arendelle, sister to Elsa, and a Legion squad leader.


Anna was horrified when Elsa was unable to unfreeze Arendelle, so much so that she decided to join The Legion to attempt to find her sister, and potentially help her. She married Prince Hans, due to the tactical advantage and high rank she would claim in the Legion, and unlocked an ancient magic that stemmed from the icy remains of Elsa's powers cast on her when they were younger. Exposed to her warm heart, the magic became an inverse of the cold and turned her hair streak red intsead of blonde as Anna developed fire powers, the opposite of her sister's snow power.


As a result of joining The Legion, Anna had to shed any remaining niceties that she has while she was still the princess of Arendelle, but it still doesn't stop her from attempting to have a cheery personality from time to time. She is extremely unsure about her role in the legion, and plans to leave once she finds Elsa.