Aladdin profile
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alignment The Resistance
Home Agrabah (formally)
Appearances in works
Other names
Aladdin is a member of The Resistance, and possible love interest of Jasmine.


Early Life and ExileEdit

Aladdin grew up on the streets of Agrabah, without knowing either his father or his mother. For most of his life, his only companion was his pet monkey Abu, until he stumbled across a mysterious girl in the bazaar. After he saves her, she is revealed to be Jasmine the daughter of the sultan. He has no hope of ever attaining her hand in marriage until he stumbles across the genie's lamp. Upon using his first two wishes, he gains the princess's affection, as well as a gold necklace as a promise to marry him, but he is soon banished by Jafar, the sorceror and fellow suitor, before he is able to use his final wish to free the genie.

Aladdin's OdysseyEdit

Aladdin finds himself in the snowy mountains of Arendelle freezing cold with nothing but the clothes on his back and his pal Abu. The nearest structure is an august ice fortress. Aladdin enters the frozen abode to find Elsa not long after she had run away from her home. He tells her of the journey which lies before him to return to Agrabah to marry Princess Jasmine. What he says gives her hope, but she remains in her castle after he leaves.

Upon arriving in another dimension, Aladdin and Abu wash up on the shore of a lush jungle island. He finds no one, until he is held at spear-point by Tarzan. Because Tarzan is unable to speak English, he believes Aladdin to be hostile and traps him in a bamboo cage. While in captivity, Aladdin teaches the ape man to speak English so that they can communicate. Realizing Aladdin is not hostile, Tarzan releases him on one condition: he must aid Tarzan in a raid on Clayton's camp. The raid is a success but Aladdin and his pet monkey leave the island to continue towards Agrabah.


  • This version of Aladdin, was created by Disney dork777.
  • He may join Clan Agrabah someday, by marrying Jasmine.
  • Due to his ability of stealth, developed as a young thief, Aladdin works skillfully as an assassin.